Supervisory boards of stock-listed and non-listed companies significantly contribute to the value creation of a company and successful company policy today through a high level of professionality and excellent networking. Conversely, Chief Executive Officers are seen as the top decision-making authority and directly report to the Board of Directors. They are the central actors in the strategic orientation of a company, work out the positioning on the market and thus distinguish a company from the competition, in order to be able to fully exploit the potential for development. Managers at this level are more important than ever before. They have to recognise the signs of the times early on, in order to generate shareholder value and innovations, but should also bring along well-founded experience in the fields of finance, technology, M&A, restructuring and international marketing.

Thanks to the extensive market knowledge and the networked links to top managers of the industry, the consultants of BludauPartners are in a position to identify and motivate outstanding personalities, who count as industry pioneers due to their extraordinary knowledge, excellent reputation and flawless personal properties. In addition, the consultants of BludauPartners have the competences to evaluate the existing supervisory boards, their members, chairmen and managing directors. In doing so, the different profiles with the successfully supplementing profiles and industry knowledge are focussed on.

Examples of successfully implemented mandates of the consultants

  • Supervisory board member | German food producer
  • Administrative board | Logistics company (holding)
  • Advisory board | German textile firm
  • Advisory board | Telecommunications company
  • Managing director | International fashion company
  • Managing director | Travel company
  • Managing director GER, SW, AT | IT service provider
  • General Manager Germany | E-commerce company
  • CEO | Insurance
  • Managing director Switzerland| Dental industry company

  • Management audits of external and internal candidates for the recruitment of the CEO of an online travel portal
  • Commissioned by BludauPartners through the supervisory board of a trading company for the auditing of a board member

Executive Coaching
  • Coaching eines Geschäftsführungsteams im Rahmen der Gestaltung und Umsetzung der strategischen Neuausrichtung
Executive Training
  • Entwicklung und Umsetzung eines Trainingskonzeptes (Selbststudium, Webinar, Trainings) für die Reflexion der Führungs-Gestalter-, Treiberrolle und -aufgaben im Kontext von Veränderungen
Executive Workshop
  • Conception and execution of workshops on the strategic reorientation (vision and strategy process) with the executive team
  • Conception and execution of interviews and workshops as a basis to introduce a balanced scorecard
  • Conception and moderation of a two-day executive meeting to reorient the business model

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