The target of BludauPartners is to develop employees to maximum performance by amplify the consultants personality as well as their professional competence. As part of the B|P Academy, development programmes take place, which can be integrated into various stages of careers and thus accelerate the employees development and success.

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Standard development
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Organised and conducted by BludauPartners


The basis for success at BludauPartners is formed by a comprehensive introduction training: the management of BludauPartners teams up with the new colleagues to work out which goals are to be set in the short-, medium- and long-term based on their experience, strengths and competences. Based on these factors, an individual training concept is then developed and drafted.


BludauPartners provides you with an experienced mentor by your side, who will accompany and support you from the first day onward and thus optimally supports your career. Through the intensive coaching regarding the professional and personal development you are in a position to achieve your own career goals as quickly as possible.


The different tool trainings by BludauPartners give an overview of the company-internal applications, the approaches that are relevant in practice and the optimisation of business-internal processes and workflows.


The professional skills are promoted and developed in a targeted way through the introduction phase and business-internal further training by BludauPartners, in order to prepare you for the challenges of the market. Moreover, through a structured approach, the application of suitable instruments and maintaining the company's internal quality and process standards, the employees of BludauPartners are issued information and news about the industries and markets.


You will acquire numerous soft skills through your life experience or already possess these through your personality and your emotional intelligence. With the help of the Soft Skills Training by BludauPartners, you can train your soft skills together with experts and acquire missing ones, by being trained and supported in a targeted way.

Individual development
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Initiative and supported by BludauPartners


BludauPartners promotes your academic development so that you can contribute your extensive knowledge and skill for BludauPartners and for your clients. It is possible for Bachelor graduates to absolve a work-relevant Master degree with the support of BludauPartners after being part of the company for a year and by fulfilling certain performance criteria.


Once certain performance criteria are met and you have been employed at BludauPartners for at least two years, it is possible to pursue a doctorate with the support of BludauPartners. In addition to financial support, BludauPartners also provides support in the shape of guidance through experienced mentors.


The attendance at industry-specific and practice-relevant conferences and events is desired and supported by BludauPartners.


Through the participation in external, competence-based trainings, BludauPartners promotes the individual development of the employees in the context of practice-relevant focal points.

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