Through the increasing digitisation and the demographic change, which is increasingly setting the new target groups and needs in the foreground, commercial enterprises and their suppliers are put under double the pressure: not only the distribution paths are changing – a new power of the interconnected consumers is developing.

The big opportunity for many companies – no matter whether traditional trading firm or newcomer – lies in redefining themselves in this course and to move the customer further into the focus of the company’s actions, in order to be able to book great successes in the future again. Factors such as these pose great challenges to the management of companies and lead to a global competition for the best executives.

Examples of successfully implemented mandates of the consultants

  • Commercial manager | Wholesale company
  • Divisional director finances, HR & IT | Large retail company
  • Managing director IT and organisation | Family-run company in the furniture trade
  • CIO | Specialised sports company
  • Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) | Leading German specialised trading company
  • Director E-commerce | German retail chain
  • Sales manager | Family-run trading company
  • Head of Product Development | Swiss retail trading company
  • Procurement director | Family-run, European Warenhaus group
  • Supply chain manager | International food producer
  • Logistics director | Leading trading company (food)
  • White good director| Company for household electronics

  • Reorganisation of two management levels of a trade organisation with the help of management audits
  • Auditing of internal executives due to the operative withdrawal of the company owner of a trading company

Executive Coaching
  • Coaching of executives in controlling and implementing the vision and strategy process
  • Coaching of executives in the implementation of change measures
Executive Training
  • Development and execution of trainings for project leaders
  • Development and execution of trainings for the further development of the sales organisation
  • Conception and execution of leadership workshops for the further development of executives
Executive Workshop
  • Conception and moderation of vision- and strategy-development processes, supporting the implementation through diverse workshops
  • Execution of interview and workshops for the organisation diagnosis and to further develop internal processes
  • Conception and workshop moderation to develop a team or a marketing department

The numerous search mandates for companies of varying sizes represents a core competence of the consultants of BludauPartners and justifies the special expertise in the following market segments:

ECC-Club provides decision makers in retail and the retail environment with an exclusive platform to give valuable insights into the retail sector.

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