Independent of the industry– all companies are linked and are affected by the digitisation across locations.
Cloud computing, mobile technologies, the Internet of things, artificial intelligence and Big Data Analytics are the central technology drivers of digitisation and structurally change the relation between customers and companies.
Because customers place new demands on the price, offer, comfort and quality, the procurement-, production-, sales- and marketing-channels have to be oriented accordingly and adapted to the customers’ requirements.
Without disruptive thinking, the purely digital players increasingly also dominate the lucrative data business in the traditional sectors. For this reason, the significance of digital executive is inexorably increasing in all industries.

Examples of Executive Search commissions successfully fulfilled by the consultants

  • Chief Digital Officer (CDO) | Internationaly leading publisher
  • Director E-commerce | Online trading company
  • E-commerce manager | Mid-tier industrial company
  • Senior online product manager | Online payment provider
  • Digital director | Telecommunications company

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  • In the course of the reorientation of a large German bank, an E-commerce team was assembled, whose head was searched for externally and assessed through an audit
  • Implementation of a Chief Digital Officer (CDO) as a board member of a German electronics trade company based on a management audit

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Executive Coaching
  • Coaching of an IT director to reflect the department’s orientation in the course of digital transformation
Executive Training
  • Development and implementation of a roadshow programme to communicate and reflect the digital strategy
Executive Workshop
  • Conception and execution of workshops with the executive team to work out a digital strategy
  • Conception and execution of workshops with the executive team to establish agile approaches and structures

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