BludauPartners offers its clients individual and tailor-made management diagnostics solutions: the tried and tested Executive Assessment method allows a systematic approach in examining an organisation and its executive levels to recognise untapped potentials and to discern possible demands for reorganisation.
Within the BludauPartners service portfolio, the Executive Assessment modules can be combined with the Executive Search process on the one hand, or with the Executive Development modules on the other:
In the Executive Search, customised individual assessments are conducted when filling an executive position, in order to identify the best-suited personality from internal and/or external candidates via an independent, second opinion and to thus ensure optimal hiring success.
In the Executive Development, the Executive Assessment modules are applied in the course of a systematic potential analysis, in order to derive further measures for the development of executives.
Situations that pose new requirements to management through planned strategy changes must be highlighted. The requirements need to be harmonised with the executives' skills.


Understanding needs

At the beginning of an Executive Assessment or Management Audit, a coordination of the fundamental goals, the requirements of a project, and the project organisation is conducted in the course of an intensive talk between the clients and BludauPartners. In addition to the content and schedule, all other dates are set on this occasion.


The concrete requirements

Auf Basis des vorangegangenen Briefing-Gespräches wird von den Beratern von BludauPartners ein Kompetenzprofil erstellt, welches die elementaren Anforderungen und Erfolgsfaktoren des Projektes enthält. Dabei werden die Schwerpunkte zum einen auf die fachlich-inhaltlichen Kompetenzen einer Position, zum anderen auf die weichen Faktoren und Fähigkeiten einer Führungskraft gelegt. Darüber hinaus finden auch die Unternehmensziele und -visionen sowie die Kultur und das Umfeld einer Organisation Berücksichtigung, um die relevanten Erfolgsfaktoren treffsicher feststellen zu können.


Transparent handling

In the next step, the executives to be audited are informed about the goals and the already defined project organisation. In this phase, integrating all persons involved is a decisive factor for success, so the assessment process is approached with a positive attitude. How to handle all confidential, personal information also has to be determined before the procedure is implemented.


The main component

After the candidates to be audited have been informed of the framework conditions, setting the dates of the actual Executive Assessment process follows. This comprises three core elements, which are individually customised and, if needed, supplemented by further modules.

Personality tests

Mittels eines wissenschaftlich validen und bewährten psychometrischen Persönlichkeitstests erhalten die BludauPartners consultants BludauPartners of a first impression in terms of personality profiles and behaviors of being audited candidate. The choice of personality tests depends on the requirements and the objective of the assessment process.

In-depth interviews

The main component of the Executive Assessments of BludauPartners provides several hours of in-depth interview is that - to ensure the objectivity - by two experienced Beratern durchgeführt wird. Analysiert werden, neben den Verhaltensmustern in vergangenen Situationen, auch die Erwartungen an die Zukunft sowie soziale Komponenten, persönliche Eigenschaften und Kompetenzen. Treten ähnliche Verhaltensmuster wiederholt auf, so kann dies ein Indiz dafür sein, dass Kandidaten in vergleichbaren Situationen in der Zukunft ähnlich reagieren werden.

References and 360 ° feedback

Durch Referenzen und ein 360°-Feedback gelingt es den Beratern , To judge from BludauPartners one hand, to strengthen the impression gained so far on to the other but also the ability to integrate into the existing team. As the boundaries of the upstream personality tests and interviews are in the assessment of leadership behavior, is the interaction a key component of the Executive Assessments of BludauPartners is the direct professional environment and the interaction of the (future) team. This is not only in the foreground, different receive opinions and compact, but to carry out the cross-check to the analysis results from the interview.



After a successful conclusion of the Executive Assessment procedure, an extensive report is produced for every participant. It includes an individual description of the candidates with the essential information acquired through the psychometric personality test, the interview and the references. The report is supplemented with a comparison of the company- and position-specific competences model and the candidate's individual characteristics.
In addition, the experienced guide BludauPartners consultants BludauPartners of a report from the entire organization, because - due to the numerous interviews and reference calls - in addition to the information about the considered candidates also receive a number of clues about the cooperation of acting managers and the current situation of the company.

subject of DIN 33430 and ISO 10667 are quality criteria and standards for professional aptitude assessments. The standards relate to career choice, candidate selection and career planning. They are process standards and affect not only the qualifications of the people involved and the quality of the instruments used and compliance with appropriate procedures.
The goal of the standards is the dissemination of scientifically substantiated information on occupational aptitude assessments, as well as improving the quality of these and the respective procedure development.

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