The consultants of BludauPartners advise their clients comprehensively and sustainably on the basis of tailor-made concepts and approaches: the systematic consultation approach combines business and economic expertise with social dynamics and corporate culture.
The company's potential and resources are utilised and transformed into extraordinary results together with the consultants of BludauPartners. Through this approach, new ideas and opportunities can emerge without losing sight of tried and tested ones. Here the design of the optimal support is oriented on the concrete needs of the clients and ranges from measures for individual executives and teams, to development processes for the entire organisation.
Through this approach, BludauPartners produces long-term success in the areas of Executive Coaching, Executive Training and Executive Workshop, contributing to the continued development and future-proofing of the company.



It is a central, core task of the executives to fulfill the constantly changing company requirements, in order to effectively and confidently be able to direct an organisation in different situations. It is fundamental here that the manager continuously develops based on the respective situation.
This is a crucial condition for high-grade and innovative performance and thus also increases personal satisfaction – in addition to the quality of the collaboration. BludauPartners supports business people, executives and employees in transition: new impulses are generated and potentials unleashed, as well as existing resources activated. At the centre, lie the reflection and development of an individual’s personal entrepreneurial performance in correlation with the environment and the demands placed on the respective person.

Overview of application options
  • Career advice
  • Professional reorientation
  • Succession planning
  • Switch of a prominent executive position
  • Altered expectations of top executives
  • High performance pressure and high-risk decisions
  • Handling open and concealed resistances
  • Interest in honest feedback


Developing executives to top form

with the field of executive training BludauPartners offers customized training solutions for companies that want to successfully develop their managers in management and leadership skills. Here, bring the BludauPartners consultants international BludauPartners of expertise, the latest scientific findings and the main trends, challenges and solutions into the process to provide for the added value for the participants.
BludauPartners offers the services in the field of Executive Training in two different formats: in addition to the company-internal training which is specifically oriented on the development goals of companies that have been developed together, the experts also offer training programmes for select, current topic areas, which are illuminated in open, cross-company units.

Overview of application options
  • Development of executives and leadership training
  • Client-specific communication and sales trainings for executives
  • Training on handling changes


Orienting executive teams in transition

Handling changes is a continuous task for companies and their staff in today's economic setting. In the face ofdigital transformation, demographic change, knowledge-based societies as well as fluid organisation, companies are exposed to immediate and wide-reaching changes. In this context, entrepreneurial capabilities crucially determine the successful, effective and sustainable implementation of change processes.
The BludauPartners consultants of BludauPartners wear under Executive Workshops help to create a common understanding about the need for each change. Based on the desired future vision will be developed in close cooperation with the client operational goals to lead the organization and its people with an individual approach to the desired state. Through a mutual exchange in bespoke workshops help the BludauPartners consultants transfer of BludauPartners to change processes and their impact on the affected areas and communicate in order to ensure a quick response to dynamic situations.

Overview of application options
  • Participation-oriented strategy development and implementation support
  • Performance increase
  • Leadership through change processes
  • Restructuring / reorganisation
  • Strategic cultural change

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