An excellent and sustainable staffing of the best executives is implemented through pronounced market and industry knowledge, a network of contacts developed over years as well as years of experience in and a system in the search technique for the best executives. This permits the consultants of BludauPartners to acquire the best available leadership personality within the shortest amount of time and to thereby secure the crucial advantage in competition for the client. For correctly filling a position decides between the success or failure of companies.
BludauPartners offers a timely and tailor-made staffing using the following Executive Search process.


Understanding the needs

The consultants of BludauPartners acquire an extensive understanding of the company with the client, regarding the corporate culture, the strategic orientation, the organisational integration and the desired management skills. The focus on the fundamental framework parameters allows the vacant positions to be accurately filled. In addition, the responsible consultants of BludauPartners generate a relevant competence and requirements profile, which is exactly tailored to the client’s needs and is ultimately released for the market by the client. Moreover, BludauPartners defines a target company list, which includes companies in which the identification and initial contacting of potential candidates will be implemented.


Finding and motivating the best

In the Executive Search process, the relevant candidates are identified via all available search channels. A significant channel for this is the contacts network of the consultants of BludauPartners that was built over years in the focus industries. A built-up basis of trust allows great access to the candidates.
Thanks to years of experience, the consultants of BludauPartners are capable of motivating suitable executives for the respective position, who are barely willing to transfer, through a professional presentation of the company, the vacant position, the description of the opportunities, challenges as well as explanations regarding the corporate culture. In this context, the consultants of BludauPartners position themselves as an objective instance, through which a credible recommendation of the respective company becomes feasible.


Checking the professional aptitude

In the course of a telephone interview, the initial technical/specialist requirements and those critical to success are discussed with the potential candidates and assessed. Within that, the questions are precisely aligned with the requirements defined by the client (KPIs). In addition, fundamental questions, needs and expectations of the candidate concerning the vacant position are also clarified. Finally, documents and references of the candidates are collected, in order to have an adequate basis of information for the personal interviews.


Recognising the motives

After the telephone interview and an analysis of the CV and documents, the candidates are invited to a personal interview by the consultants of BludauPartners. The actual willingness to switch positions, the motives, the demands and expectations are discussed in detail in this exchange and then jointly decided, whether an integration of the candidate into the application process will occur. Following that, a check of the references is conducted by the consultants of BludauPartners, where open as well as blind references of the last 3-5 years are collected.


The alignment of personality, understanding of leadership with the potential corporate culture is assessed

As an Executive Search at BludauPartners implies made-to-measure work before a position is replaced, not only the technical skills of the candidate are checked, but – in addition to the telephone and personal interview – the leadership competences as well as the cultural conformity of the candidate to the respective organisation are examined. Companies thus receive valuable decision-making support concerning which candidates fulfil the respective requirement profile. The assessed executives recognise their opportunities and potential and are sensitised for their personal development and are motivated.
In doing so, the behavioural questioning techniques are placed in the foreground, which highlight the decisions and actions of a candidate in different critical situations. Through continuative Executive Assessment modules, the personality is evaluated, which supplements the professional and technical skills regarding the attitude and values. The results are summarised in the conclusion into an Executive Assessment Report.


Support for a resolute conclusion

After the selection of a suitable candidate, the consultants of BludauPartners moderate the final process professionally, by accompanying the candidate at the presentation if desired. The consultants of BludauPartners thus have great influence on the candidate’s decision, as they are present at the interview themselves. That way, they can reflect on the entire process and the talks together with the candidates, as well as work out a joint decision.
The experts of BludauPartners and their expertise are also available to the candidates and clients in the subsequent demanding phase of the contract negotiations and can responsibly support the position filling through the developed bond of trust. They sensitively contribute their background knowledge to the dialog and advise the candidate and client productively and lastingly.


A future investment

Subsequently the candidates are also supported with the integration and any continuative questions by the responsible consultant after the position is filled, in order to ensure a great collaboration that lasts.

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