Today, financial officers do not only have an extraordinary sense for finances and the development of the finance markets, but also have the personal competence of consulting skills. In order to be able to excellently implement the great responsibility assigned to them, they support both the business management and the board in planning with regard to resources as well as individual departments. To do so, strategies to optimise the processes are developed and future investment of financial means is planned.

The BludauPartners consultants are specialised in recruiting Chief Financial Officers and their direct contacts on the second and third levels with the focal points group/corporate controlling, treasury/corporate finance, company accounting, taxes, investor relations, and internal audit/SOX.

Examples of Executive Search commissions successfully fulfilled by the consultants
  • Executive Board Finance| Investment company
  • CFO | International company in telecommunications
  • CFO Middle East | Automobile supplier
  • CFO GER, SW, AT | Transport & logistics company
  • Commercial Director | Wholesale company
  • Commercial Director | German chain of clinics
  • Vice President Tax | American industrial company
  • Divisional Director Finance, HR & IT | Large retail company

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  • After the merger of two companies, the competences of both finance departments were assessed to fulfil the new requirements
  • Auditing of the head of accounting in the course of the development towards Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

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Executive Coaching
  • Coaching of a financial officer to reflect the executive role and team leadership
  • Coaching of a head of central controlling concerning the future orientation of the department
Executive Training
  • Development and implementation of a training concept to further develop managerial competences
Executive Workshop
  • Conception and execution of workshops to optimise processes and interfaces

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