The desire to be able to offer an increasing amount of people around the world better and affordable medical care and the simultaneous challenges posed by the ageing population present vast tasks to companies in the health care sector. At the same time, cost pressures in the healthcare system, regulatory bodies and new scientific discoveries are changing the treatment methods.

Healthcare companies have to recognise and consider these obstacles early on, which makes the demands placed on executives in this field especially complex due to the combination of legal and scientific provisions. The consultants of BludauPartners are specialised in identifying and motivating the top managers with excellent competences of the healthcare system, for the respectively changed framework conditions and the new business models, in order to keep companies competitive.

The consultancy team of BludauPartners has a dense network and years of practical experience both in the clinical and commercial field, based on which extraordinary consultancy success is the result.

Examples of successfully implemented mandates of the consultants
  • Managing director Switzerland| Dental industry company
  • Commercial director | German chain of clinics
  • Director HR business partner | Pharmaceutical company
  • Director staff | Online doctors’ portal
  • Plastic surgeons | Specialised beauty clinic
  • Chief physician | German clinic
  • Senior consultant general medicine| German clinic
  • Divisional head vaccines | German pharmaceutical company
  • Director Marketing (franchise) | Dental industry
  • Director Council | Leading company in the dental industry
  • Director Sales | Family-run company producing medical products
  • Director Quality Assurance | German hospital
  • Strengths and weaknesses analyses of an executive in the course of a restructuring of a dental company
  • Analysis of the personalities- and value-structure of three internal executives for the staffing of a departmental head in a pharmaceutical company
Executive Coaching
  • Coaching subproject managers in further developing their understanding of the role and the implementation of specific projects
Executive Training
  • Conception and execution of trainings to impart the fundamentals of change accompaniment
  • Conception and implementation of trainings to reflect and further develop the understanding of leadership and the leadership role
  • Conception and execution of leadership trainings to introduce a new Performance Management System and to develop the leadership culture
Executive Workshop
  • Conception and moderation of diverse workshops to further develop the strategy and the thus resulting organisational and behavioural changes

The consultant’s clients include mid-tier businesses, owner-run companies as well as globally operating healthcare companies– primarily from the following areas:

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