Information & Technology Officers are the top-most responsible persons in the field of information technology and direct the management in the areas of planning, operation and selection of technology.

The tasks they are responsible for appear more complex today than ever before. First of all, there is the responsibility for the operative business of the company, which includes the flawless functioning of the daily operations. Within that, the existing software as well as the existing hardware have to be checked constantly and the maintenance organised, so that no complications arise in the operative area of the company. The second crucial field of activity of executives in the division Information & Technology concerns the innovative level of an IT architecture. In this context, the technical innovation and recognising the potentials for the company are focused on. The third area of tasks finally includes the strategic and constant improvement of company processes on the IT level, which can enable, for example, more efficient work processes, new fields of activity or new market advantages for the company. This is of fundamental significance, in order to operate as a competitively oriented company with a finger on the pulse of the time.

Examples of successfully implemented mandates of the consultants
  • Managing director IT and organisation | Family-run company in the furniture trade
  • CIO | Food producer
  • CIO | Direct insurance
  • CIO | Public service TV broadcast
  • CIO | Portfolio company of a venture-capital corporation
  • CTO | Software company
  • CIO | Specialised sports company
  • Chief Technology Officer (CTO) | Automotive supplier
  • Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) | German airline
  • Switch of the divisional director of a successful German online trading company to a large electronics trading company as Chief Digital Officer (CDO): checking the conformity of the candidate’s set of values with the cultural requirements of the future employer
  • Auditing of the department head of IT infrastructure for a possible promotion to Chief Information Officer (CIO) of a specialised sports company
Executive Coaching
  • Coaching of an Information & Technology Officer to further develop him and for a strategic reorientation of his area of responsibilities
Executive Training
  • Development and implementation of a training concept to implement an evolved employee evaluation programme based on the rendered performance and defined behavioural expectation
Executive Workshop
  • Conception and execution of workshops to determine the organisational orientation

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