The Competence Centre IT, telecommunication & e-business advises companies in the dynamic and innovative industries of information technology, telecommunications, e-business, media & entertainment. Particularly in this field, economic actions are currently more exciting than ever before: The digitisation has reached and revolutionised nearly every company in the meantime. Mega-fusions between big businesses go hand-in-hand with the comet-like rise of individual, small top companies. The borders of companies blur and a clear convergence of single segments becomes visible. Thus they require – as is the case in globalisation – technically excellent staff. For they make the difference in the nearly inexhaustible markets with their leadership competence and trend-setting successes.

Since any hesitation in this dynamic industry can mean losing pace and a chance for a new provider, the responsible consultants of BludauPartners work with their fingers on the pulse of the time. That way, they can keep pace with the tempo of their client in the framework of digital transformation, recognise the potential of new technologies and identify those personalities, that fully blossom at the head of technology companies.

Through years of market presence and precisely tailored strategies, the consultants of BludauPartners have successfully accompanied a large number of customers in this segment in the development and implementation of competitive advantages in an innovative context. These include leading national and international technology and telecommunications companies as well as IT software and hardware producers and established entertainment providers and innovative start-up portals with global product portfolios.

Examples of successfully implemented mandates of the consultants

  • Executive board Marketing & Sales| IT software company
  • Managing director GER, SW, AT | IT service provider
  • CIO | Portfolio company of a venture-capital corporation
  • CFO | Telecommunications company
  • Chief Digital Officer (CDO) | Internationaly leading publisher
  • Divisional director projects and processes | Internet provider
  • Director information security| PayTV provider
  • Director corporate communications | Consumer electronics company
  • Director personnel development | Leading internet service provider
  • HR business partner | Telecommunications company
  • Head of E-commerce | Online trade company (fashion)
  • HR manager GER, SW, AT | Leading online travel portal
  • Director controlling | IT system house

  • Auditing of external candidates for the recruitment of the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of a VC-financed internet start-up
  • Due to a new market innovation, an executive position was created which was staffed with an audited, external candidate

Executive Coaching
  • Executive coaching for the development and the strategic realignment of teams
Executive Training
  • Conception and execution of leadership training to further develop the executives
Executive Workshop
  • Conception and execution of a modular training concept to further develop the executives

In the recent years, the consultants of BludauPartners supported clients in the following sectors:

ECC-Club provides decision makers in retail and the retail environment with an exclusive platform to give valuable insights into the retail sector.

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