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Development of executives

The modules

Accompanying personal change processes

It is one of the central core tasks of managers to meet the constantly changing corporate requirements to steer an organization in different situations in a target-oriented and secure manner. In this context, it is essential that managers continuously develop their skills in line with the situation at hand. This is a crucial prerequisite for high-quality and innovative performance and thus - in addition to the quality of cooperation - also increases personal satisfaction.

BludauPartners supports entrepreneurs, managers, and employees during change: New impulses are created, potentials are released, and existing resources are activated. The focus is on reflection and further development of the personal entrepreneurial activity in correlation with the environment and the expectations placed on the respective person.

Overview of application options
  • Career advice
  • Professional reorientation
  • Succession planning
  • Switch of a prominent executive position
  • Altered expectations of top executives
  • High performance pressure and high-risk decisions
  • Handling open and concealed resistances
  • Interest in honest feedback
Developing high-performance executives

Developing executives to top form Executive Training describes customized training concepts for companies that want to develop their executives in management and leadership ideas. BludauPartners' consultants bring international expertise, the latest scientific findings, and the most important trends, challenges, and solutions to the process to provide decisive added value for the participants.

BludauPartners provides executive training services in two different formats: In addition to inhouse training, which is precisely aligned with the jointly formulated development goals of companies, the expert also offers training programs on selected, current topics that are highlighted in open, cross-company units.

Overview of application options
  • Development of executives and leadership training
  • Client-specific communication and sales trainings for executives
  • Training on handling changes
Aligning management teams in change processes

In today's economic environment, dealing with change is an ongoing task for companies and employees. In digital transformation, demographic change, knowledge societies, and fluid organizations, companies are moved to immediate and far-reaching changes. Here, the entrepreneurial ability decides decisively on the successful, targeted, and sustainable implementation of the change processes.

The consultants of BludauPartners contribute to creating a common understanding of the necessity of the respective change within the framework of executive workshops. Based on the desired future vision, operational goals are developed in close exchange with the client to lead the organization and its people to the desired state with an individual approach. Through a two-way conversation in customized workshops, the consultants of BludauPartners help to transfer and communicate change processes and their effects to the affected areas to ensure a quick response to dynamic situations.

Overview of application options
  • Participation-oriented strategy development and implementation support
  • Performance increase
  • Leadership through change processes
  • Restructuring / reorganisation
  • Strategic cultural change

BludauPartners | Executive Development the process