The tasks of the Marketing & Sales Officers are clearly and significantly gaining in scope and complexity, which is why not only technical knowledge, but also cross-functional communication skills and interactions are of great importance. In the centre lie the strategic and operative questions as well as company correlations and values, which have to be calculated to be able to carry out actions productively. In considering these factors, combined with market knowledge, customer understanding, organisational and methodical competence, one can achieve revenue growth, customer loyalty and the implementation of the corporate overall objectives.

BludauPartners understands the importance of innovative marketing and sales thinking in the cultural transition of the company as well as markets and can thus optimally solve personnel challenges.

Examples of successfully implemented mandates of the consultants

  • Executive board sales | Real estate consultancy
  • Executive board Sales / Marketing | Luxury good industry
  • Executive board Marketing & Sales| IT software company
  • Divisional director sales | Automobile manufacturer
  • Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) | Leading German specialised trading company
  • Director brand marketing | Automotive supplier
  • Director marketing & sales strategy | Wholesale company
  • Director company strategy (E-commerce) | Trading company (furniture)
  • Chief Sales Officer (CSO) | American PC manufacturer

  • Management audit of a branch manager for a promotion to divisional director of a large IT system company (holding)
  • Analysis of the leadership competences of a marketing direction of a trading company, so that a decision could be made regarding the possible development into a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Executive Coaching
  • Coaching of a Marketing & Sales Officer to implement and establish the mission statement, to be able to further develop the corporate culture
Executive Training
  • Development and implementation of a modular training system for a strategic market cultivation
Executive Workshop
  • Conception and execution of a workshop to merge a marketing and a sales team
  • Conception and execution of a workshop with the marketing and sales team for the development of the self-concept (mission statement)

ECC-Club provides decision makers in retail and the retail environment with an exclusive platform to give valuable insights into the retail sector.

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