BludauPartners offers nationally and internationally active company with the services Executive Search, Executive Assessment and Executive Development a holistic consulting approach can be integrated around the occupation, the evaluation and development of top executives and experts selected positions.
When Kaan Bludau and Bernhard Muhler founded their eponymous company, Bludau & Muhler Unternehmensberatung in 2003, the partners were already focusing on one thing before hiring their first employee: they wanted to find, analyse and professionally develop those top managers who would be able to sustainably increase company value for their clients. Through trust-filled client relationships – based on a high success and referral rate – the complexity of the commissions increased continuously. As a consequence of the company's development and providing support to international mandates, the services and standard have been constantly adapted to the customers' desires, to further improve the consultancy service provided to clients. This internal evolution was most recently accompanied in October 2016 with the outwardly visible founding of BludauPartners Executive Consultants.

bludau_weiss_anthrazit_345 Kopie
bludau_weiss_anthrazit_345 Kopie


An occupation rate of 91% over the systematic direct search


An order volume of advisors of over 74% for the occupation of executives with an annual income of more than EUR 250,000


About 87% of projects are repeat business

  • More than a decade of experience in position-filling, assessment and the professional development of executives
  • A holistic integrable consulting approach by combining Executive Search, Executive Assessment and Executive Development
  • 'Complementary business areasExecutive Search and Executive Development by scientifically designed Executive Assessment modules which ensure a qualification-related diagnostic competence analysis of the candidates
  • Behavioural human control variables are considered, analysed, assessed and harmonised with an organisation's business-economic requirements
  • Every second new commission is based on a referral
  • Our consultants' seniority and years of experience facilitate access to the economy’s top performers
  • Industry- and function-specialisation with proven expertise
  • Candidates and clients are cared for at an equally professional level
  • Exclusive processing of orders by the consultants BludauPartners without access to external service providers
  • Guarantee of additional Employer Branding through the work of BludauPartners
  • Access to a proven international partner network with the respective regional market expertise
  • A guarantee for the accomplishment of the BludauPartners hire target

The data given refer to the
Fiscal year 2019 from BludauPartners
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