Experience, expertise and commitment - these are the advantages for which are the consultants of BludauPartners.
A strong service orientation, as well as professional advice mentality create the basis for a trusting, sincere and transparent cooperation, which leads to long-term partnerships.

The BludauPartners consultants can look back on academic backgrounds and significant professional careers with years of industry experience. They are no theorists, but understand the challenges that a company is exposed to in a global economy based on their own experience. Furthermore, they have the necessary knowledge of human nature to provide their customers the added value they desire. And they bring along the necessary foresight, to create long-lasting value for their customers.

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Kaan Bludau

Kaan Bludau

Managing Director

Bernhard Muhler

Bernhard Muhler

Managing Director

Sandra Schwarz

Sandra Mumm

Senior Manager

Prof. Dr. Winand Dittrich
Helmut Mumm

Helmut Mumm

Advisory board member

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