Travel-, transport-, traffic- and logistics-providers are globally connected, innovative car sharing- and car rental offers are becoming increasingly popular and booking flight and train tickets by smartphone or PC already seems to be a normality. This shows that both the customers and markets, as well as companies are characterised by digital developments. The constant movement in the industry drives economic developments and enables growth – a challenge and opportunity at the same time: it depends on the respective executive, whether the opportunities are recognised or whether a company is overtaken by the competition.

Examples of successfully implemented mandates of the consultants
  • Administrative board | Logistics company (holding)
  • Managing director | Travel company
  • CEO and CFO | Online travel portal
  • Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) | German airline
  • COO | Large German transport company
  • CFO GER, SW, AT | Transport & logistics company
  • Regional director | Parcel service
  • Manager logistics | Shipping company
  • Operations manager | Airport operator
  • Head of Rail Account Management | Reiseveranstalter
  • Head of business development | Transport company
  • Director logistics centre | Forwarding agent
  • Management audits of potential candidates for the position of managing director of a travel agency
  • Auditing of several executives in the course of a staffing of the position of Head of New Learning Solutions of one of the biggest passenger transport companies
Executive Coaching
  • Coaching executives in handling changes in the course of reorientation of the business model
  • Coaching an executive when taking on a new leadership position
Executive Training
  • Development and execution of trainings on personally experiencing and handling changes in the company
  • Conception of executive trainings to communicate the new company strategy
  • Carrying out interactive training formation for the participatory explanation of the strategic reorientation and the evolved business model
Executive Workshop
  • Conception and moderation of Entity Executive Workshops to reorient the organisation
  • Conception and moderation of follow-up workshops in the course of employee surveys and to define the next steps and measures
  • Conception and carrying out workshops to work out a mission statement and to derive necessary internal optimisation of an internal DL division
  • Conception of and conducting interviews and workshops to accompany the fusion process of two departments
  • Conception and moderation of workshop on team development

The consultants of BludauPartners demonstrate knowledge and extensive experience from numerous successfully implemented projects in the following sectors:

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