Why most companies find it difficult to fill management positions

Finding skilled personnel in leadership positions is more and more challenging. Of course, regardless of your industry, you also know the hurdle of finding strong candidates that will convince you on a professional and on a personal level. This is especially true in senior management, where there is a lot of competition between companies and qualified professionals can choose the most attractive jobs. We from BludauPartners show you what makes the search so difficult and how we can help you.

Many vacancies due to lack of qualification

When looking at relevant online portals and newspapers, vacancies in management positions have not been scarce for years. Throughout all industries companies are desperately looking for qualified personnel. Skilled and strong leaders often lack the intrinsic motivation to change careers.

Especially with the management staff it is difficult to compromise. Some applicants convince primarily by their technical knowledge, others show leadership without the expected expertise. A professional training and further education is basically possible, but does not provide for the direct help in the company management that the companies wish to accomplish concerning the executive position. Here, smart approaches are needed to avoid having to endure vacant positions.

Wrong ideas in the candidate search

Even looking for the right candidate is inconvenient for individual companies. Active sourcing is hard to do without it being seen as a scam and creating a bad reputation in the industry. Here it makes more sense to rely on an external partner for the management staff, who keeps their own company name anonymous for as long as possible.

In many cases, the labor market has evidently developed further, technical and subject-specific competences have been replaced by other approaches and qualifications. The independent view from outside helps to recognise this and to broaden the field for potential candidates.

Option of employee qualification often neglected

If the occupation of a leadership position continues over a longer period of time, alternatives should be considered. An important approach is to look at your existing staff in the context of executive development. BludauPartners supports entrepreneurs, executives and employees in the event of change: new impulses are created and potentials are released, as well as existing resources are activated. The focus here is on the reflection and development of personal entrepreneurial activity in correlation with the environment and the expectations that are placed on the respective person.

With BludauPartners easier to suitable staff

If your company has difficulties with leadership, come to us. BludauPartners is your strong partner, helping you to find suitable candidates in all industries.
Just get in touch with us to learn more about filling specialist and managerial positions and to cooperate with a true market professional. We combine the greatest experience in human resources with a diverse and strong network.

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