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Experienced consultants with industry expertise

BludauPartners | Executive consultant and managing director Kaan Bludau

Kaan Bludau

Managing Director
Head of Executive Search

Kaan Bludau is one of the Founders and the Managing Directors of BludauPartners. He is responsible for the core business of the company - the Executive Search. His main focus lies in filling high-level positions for well-established international clients, as well as strategically important specialist and management vacancies in the strategic reorientation of human resources and in assessing top executives.
Kaan Bludau has gained more than 20 years of successful consulting experience and has made himself a name as a competent consultant and innovator during this period. Before BludauPartners, Kaan Bludau was a Member of the Extended Management team of an international executive search boutique where he has established and was responsible for the Retail & E-Commerce and Travel, Transport & Logistics divisions. He benefits from his various knowledge as Head of Human Resources while working in a successful consulting company after having worked as a Team Leader in different international executive search companies.
Before Kaan Bludau started his career, he studied Business Administration with a focus on Human Resource Management.

BludauPartners | Executive consultant und Geschäftsführer Bernhard Muhler

Bernhard Muhler

Managing Director
Head of Executive Development

Bernhard Muhler is one of the Managing Directors of BludauPartners. Additional to this role, he is responsible for Executive Development and the main contact person for all concerns regarding human resource strategies, executive development, and transformation management. He is the leading consultant in all matters concerning employee management and development, as well as leadership competence.
Bernhard Muhler has extensive consultation experience in multiple industries as well as experience in moderating large groups. He advises numerous companies in their development and implementation of change strategies in Germany and Europe.
Before his career as a business consultant, Bernhard Muhler studied business administration and completed an MBA.

BludauPartners | Executive consultant and manager Claudia Whitcher


Head of Talent Management

Claudia Whitcher is one of the Managers and Head of Talent Management at BludauPartners. She is responsible for large and internationally active mid-tier companies, as well as venture-capital-financed tech-start-ups. She is filling and assessing executive positions and various specialist functions. A pronounced network of contacts, as well as her profound industry competence in the areas of IT, trade, and e-business, set her consultative skills apart.
Claudia Whitcher has gained years of consulting experience in internationally operating business consultancies and was most recently employed as a Senior Consultant in a renowned consultancy. She worked very successfully with well-known companies with different structures, sizes, and challenges.
Before Claudia Whitcher started her professional career, she completed her M.A. in Human Resource Management and finished extra occupationally a traineeship in Neurolinguistics Programming. During her studies, she was already working in the commercial division of a football club in the 1st division of the German Football League (the Bundesliga).

BludauPartners | Executive consultant and manger Philip Thormann



Philip Thormann is one of the Managers at BludauPartners. He advises large corporations, internationally operating medium-sized businesses in the staffing and evaluation of management positions and selected special functions while family-owned companies are his main focus. A distinctive network of contacts, as well as profound industry knowledge in the areas of industry, automotive, travel, transport, and logistics, characterize his consulting expertise.
Most recently, Philip Thormann has worked as Managing Consultant and Sales Manager in a large consultancy with more than 20 subsidiaries and was responsible for strategic projects in addition to the operative business. Furthermore, he has gained many years of experience in the mechanical engineering industry, most recently in the role of Managing Director. Until 2009, he worked as a management consultant in various industries and previously completed a law degree.

BludauPartners | Executive consultant and manager Maike Lauterbach

Maike Lauterbach


Maike Lauterbach is one of the Managers at BludauPartners. In her exposed role, she advises and supports global corporations, market-leading medium-sized companies and start-ups in filling and evaluating executive positions and selected special functions. A strong market networking and many years of expertise in the fashion, lifestyle and luxury industry are the characteristics of her consulting skills. Maike Lauterbach was the Owner of a successful personnel consultancy with well-known clients for nine years. Previous, she gained extensive experience as a Sales, Brand and Product Manager, including as Sales Director. She graduated as a textile business economist BTE at the LDT Academy of Fashion Management and continued her education in the field of aptitude diagnostics (certificate "Psychology for Personnel Managers") at the European Distance Learning University in Hamburg.

BludauPartners | Executive consultant and manager Lars Weber



Lars Weber is one of the Managers at BludauPartners. His focus is the strategical development, marketing & sales as well as organizational and process design. With this background, he primarily supports the Executive Development function. Lars Weber has many years of management and budget experience in consulting and within the industrial area. He benefits from his broad industry experience in the finance, healthcare, tourism, and FMCG sector. Furthermore, he has worked for large international corporations and mid-sized companies.
Most recently, Lars Weber worked for a global bank with European roots in business development with a consulting focus. During this time, he was responsible for the group-wide change process to agile work structures. Previous, he was the Managing Director of a vacation and recreation resort with responsibility for the redevelopment, restructuring, and realignment of the entire resort. As a trained insurance salesman, he graduated with a degree in business administration from Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt and completed additional training as a systemic coach (DCV) from 2015 to 2017.

BludauPartners | Executive consultant and manager Vedran Poljak

Vedran Poljak


Vedran Poljak is one of the Managers at BludauPartners. He is responsible for major corporations and internationally active SMEs in filling and evaluating management positions and selected specialist functions. A strong network of contacts and in-depth industry expertise in the areas of Construction, Real Estate, General Industries, and Automotive characterize his consulting expertise.
Vedran Poljak has many years of consulting experience in international management consultancies and most recently he worked successfully as a Managing Partner in a management consultancy. Before Vedran Poljak began his professional career, he learned the profession of a Real Estate Agent and studied economics in Frankfurt am Main.
Mr. Poljak has been working in cross-industry and cross-functional executive search for more than fifteen years.

BludauPartners | Principal consultant Ricardo D'Ovidio

Ricardo D'Ovidio

Principal Consultant

Ricardo D'Ovidio is Principal Consultant at BludauPartners. He is responsible for large corporations, international mid-sized as well as venture-capital-financed start-up companies from the e-commerce industry. Mr. D'Ovidio consults these companies in the correct staffing and evaluation of strategically important management and specialist positions.
His distinctive network of contacts as well as profound functional competencies in the areas of IT, Marketing, Product Management, Software Engineering as well as his industry knowledge in the markets of Real Estate, Financial Services, and especially Fin-Techs make his consulting services unique.
Ricardo D'Ovidio can resort to a profound and successful consulting experience in the areas of Executive Search and has made himself a name as a competent consultant during this period.
While Ricardo D'Ovidio started his professional career, he studied Business Management at a nationally accredited university in Frankfurt am Main with a focus on management and digitalization.

BludauPartners | Managing Consultant Zoe Pfeiffer

Zoe Pfeiffer

Managing Consultant

Zoe Pfeiffer is Managing Consultant at BludauPartners and is responsible for the targeted staffing and assessment of management and expert positions in the field of Real Estate, Finance, Insurance, and IT. She accompanies internationally operating firms, medium-sized businesses, large corporations, and expanding technology groups.
Over the years, Ms. Pfeiffer has built up a distinctive network and profound industry expertise in these sectors. Before starting her professional career, Zoe Pfeiffer completed a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science at Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main.

BludauPartners | Senior Consultant Anja Schick

Anja-Christina Schick

Senior Consultant

Anja-Christina Schick is one of the Senior Consultants at BludauPartners and is responsible for the targeted staffing of management and expert positions in the fashion, lifestyle, and luxury industry. She attends companies from the internationally operating medium-sized business sector as well as large corporations. Over the years, Anja-Christina Schick has built up a distinctive network in these sectors as well as profound industry expertise.
Before Anja-Christina Schick started her professional career, she studied business administration at the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität in Münster and has more than 20 years of professional experience in retail and brand management.

BludauPartners | Senior Consultant and talent acquisition consultant Yasemin Bludau

Yasemin Bludau

Senior Consultant
Talent Acquisition Consultant

Yasemin Bludau holds two positions at BludauPartners. On the one hand, she works as Talent Acquisition Manager and is co-responsible for internal recruiting to fulfill the company's expansion goals by sourcing and hiring high-quality team members. On the other hand, she also operates as Senior Consultant and is responsible for executive search mandates for executive staffing of top management and specialist positions, primarily for global (online) retail companies and IT service providers. As a former Store Manager with 25 years of professional experience in the stationary retail business of an international lifestyle company, Yasemin Bludau contributes many years of leadership experience in large teams, a realization of fixed corporate key figures, and a high degree of flexibility at the point of sale. At the same time, she completed a part-time study to become an IKH Certified Business Economist to increase her knowledge of Business Administration.

BludauPartners | Consultant Seving Rus

Seving Rus


Seving Rus is a Consultant at BludauPartners. Seving Rus was a former store manager with more than 30 years of professional experience in stationary retail in various fashion and lifestyle enterprises. During that period she has gained extensive and significant experience in personnel selection, as well as in the development and empowerment of employees and managers.
Due to her professional background, Seving Rus is familiar with the daily challenges of managing and motivating large groups of employees and has been responsible for achieving corporate goals and sales targets for many years.

BludauPartners | Consultant Dennis Obazuaye

Dennis Obazuaye


Dennis Obazuaye is one of the Consultants at BludauPartners. He focuses on supporting technology companies in filling strategically important specialist and management positions. His IT knowledge and passionate interest in digitalization are the characteristics of his consulting expertise. The knowledge he gained during his studies in Digital Humanities and German language & literature at the Julius-Maximilians-Universität in Würzburg form the foundation of his consulting career.

BludauPartners | Executive consultant and senior manager Prof. Dr. Tino Michalski


Advisory Board Member

In addition to working as a professor of international management and general business administration at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, Prof. Dr. Tino Michalski is a member of the advisory board at BludauPartners. His focus is on staffing, auditing, and development of senior executives as well as strategic consulting for international group companies. In addition, Prof. Dr. Tino Michalski advises numerous clients from the technology, venture capital, and start-up industries. Besides these activities, he acts as the Director of the Institute for Entrepreneurship in Frankfurt am Main and is a Research Fellow at the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences at the University of Potsdam. Until the year 2000, Prof. Dr. Tino Michalski was a member of the management team of Siemens AG and worked in the Corporate Strategy department of Siemens AG in Munich. Before starting his professional career, Prof. Dr. Tino Michalski studied Business Administration at the University of Bayreuth / Montpellier. He obtained a doctorate at the University of Bayreuth and habilitated from 2004 to 2009 at the University of Potsdam.

BludauPartners | Executive consultant and advisory board member Prof. Dr. Winand Dittrich

Prof. Dr. Winand Dittrich

Advisory Board Member
Head of Executive Assessment

In addition to his work in university management, Prof Dr. Winand Dittrich is active as an Advisory Board Member for BludauPartners. The main focus of his activities is the analysis and assessment of personality structures of executives, as well as the generation of the aptitude-diagnostic report in the course of their selection. In that context, Prof Dr. Winand Dittrich determines the leadership competencies/potential and the cultural alignment of the BludauPartners candidates to the client’s corporate culture. Currently, Prof Dr. Winand Dittrich teaches the subjects Leadership Psychology, Strategic Management, Decision-Oriented Management, Philosophy of Science, and Turnaround Management. Following a natural and social sciences degree, Prof Dr. Winand Dittrich taught and researched at various universities and clinics both at home and abroad (supported i.a. by DFG, Nuffield Foundation, British Research Council, Hessische Landesmittel, Deutsche Industrieforschung, and the Alexander-von-Humboldt Stiftung). He has published more than 60 renowned specialist articles in international magazines and numerous chapters in books on topics such as decision-making behavior and focus, emotional intelligence, and action control, optimization through change and transition, immaterial values and innovation, as well as a book on applying neuroscience in educational institutions.

BludauPartners | Executive consultant and manager Dr. Bettina Mann

Dr. Bettina Mann

Advisory Board Member

Dr. Bettina Mann is an Advisor of BludauPartners and supports the company's internal organization in a wide range of operational and strategic matters. In addition, her focus lays in consulting and developing companies in times of digitalization and transformation - here she accompanies numerous projects and companies in the successful, targeted, and sustainable implementation of change processes. Dr. Mann has worked successfully in companies with a wide variety of structures. She has proven her experience as HR Director, both in a national and international context, incorporating groups as well as in owner-managed companies. Most recently, she was Global HR Director & Board Member China, Japan, Italy as the world market leader in measurement technology. Before Dr. Bettina Mann began her career, she studied and earned her doctorate in education with a focus on adult education at the University of Augsburg.